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Jun 13, 2010 : Sean Foley
Good Day!
I wanted to drop a quick email to let you know how FANTASTIC your Flavlet water flavoring sprays are. The flavors I purchased are extremely good. I've used them in water and unsweetened iced tea as well. The hardest part of my weight loss regimen has been avoiding soda, fruit juices and other sweetened beverages. Having water with all my meals, no matter how healthy I knew it to be was boring and grabbing a soda, juice or other beverage had become a habit. I purchased 5 different flavors of Flavlet at the Carlsbad Village Street Faire in May of this year. by keeping one in my car and another in a pocket or lunch bag at all times, I have been able to almost completely avoid the sugar-loaded beverages that do my body no good. My habit now, instead of reaching for a can or cup from the soda fountain, is to fill a glass with water and hit it with my Flavlet. I keep a few 16.9 ounce water bottles in the car and in the desk and never feel like I'm missing anything.
You've got a loyal customer for life!
Sincerely Sean Foley

Jan 22, 2010
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Nancy - Jan 20, 2010
I want to commend you and thank you for the BEST flavor ever...I love the Flavor Drops. I am using the drops everyday. I heard about your product through the K-Cup forum. I can't wait to explore all of the possibilites and would love to see a "recipe" board, blogs, etc.
Thank you again for an amazing delicious product with limitless possibilites.

Patricia Morell
Just placed another order................and I want you to know I LOVE this stuff. I have it many times per day. I use it in my Medifast shakes, puddings, medifast oatmeal and oatmeal cakes/pancakes too. I love the "Grandmas Apple Pie and Cinnamon Danish Swirl in my Hot sugar free Apple Cider at night. Of course I put them in my coffee and tea too. These drops make everything EXTRA good. I love my medifast and have lost 200 lbs (thats how much I love MF) and have been having Medifast for almost 2 years......so this really helps to add new life to my food plan......A BIG THANK YOU.

Drew (Bosud) LiquidDieters.net
Capella Coffee Flavor Drops are a life-saver, literally they are in the process of helping me save my life! I'm currently on a liquid diet (NewLifeStyle Diet) and I drink about 6-8 shakes a day! I started the Liquid Dieting back in January, but took a small break from it due to academic requirements and decided in June that it was time to get back on track! I heard someone mention adding syrups and drops to their shakes to add flavor, and I thought if it helps me even a little it's worth it! So I put in an order for my NewLifestyle Diet supplies and Capella Flavor Drops the same day, and before you knew it I was mixing my first shake with some of their flavor drops. WoW!! This tastes GREAT! And I can tell you that I've been 'shaking' with them ever since and always will! They taste amazing and allow you to mix and match to add a personal touch to the pre-packaged drinks. The best part is unlike other flavoring products they don't have sweeteners, and even if they are calorie-free sweeteners they make the shakes too sweet! Plus I like how small the Capella bottles are since I have so many of them. I've lost a total of 76lbs thus far on Liquid Dieting, but I can tell you that Capella Coffee Flavor Drops are making this journey a much easier one! Thank you so much Capella!

Patricia Kearney "pattypoo" (florida)
These drops are fantastic to mask the taste of protein drinks. Hats off to you.

These drops are so concentrated that you really DO only need a few drops per glass of liquid you're trying to flavor (ie. coffee). I highly recommend you get the "Big Squeeze" from capella (it's very new)--these bottles are much more convenient than the glass droppers.
These drops are FAR better than any "extract" you can find in the supermarket. It's probably cheaper too, when you consider how little of this product you need to flavor things. But the price is a non-issue: these drops are the BEST flavorings for ANYTHING, bar none.

My favorites are French Vanilla, Pralines-n-Cream, and so many more. Just try em all and be done with it!!


The Medifast Support Team
Thanks so much for the sample pack of Flavor Drops! Our team has sampled each one in our coffees, etc. - and there is not a single one that we do not like. We understand why Medifast users are so crazy about these drops!

Bettina Sofia Viviano (Beverly Hills, California)
Capella Flavor Drops are a lifesaver on the Medifast diet, or any low carb, low fat diet. The drops are great to flavor shakes, oatmeal, puddings, pancakes and just about anything you can think of. I use them every day and love the variety of flavors. No sugar, carbs or fat!

Sincerely, Tracy Cabe
This is my second order and your products are awesome! I'm on Medifast diet and your Flavor drops do amazing things with the shakes and puddings and the different recipes made with them. Thanks Capella Flavors!

Thanks, Jan Zewari
I look forward to getting the drops; the ones I ordered at Christmas were wonderful! My grandson is on a strict gluten free, casein free diet and we use the drops to flavor his rice milk. It gives him some variety. We love your products!

Amanda "fitness buff" (Newport Beach, CA USA)
Unbeatable !!!
These drops are delicious. I have 10 different Capella flavors and they are all excellent. Before trying Capella, I tried other brands of flavoring and found them to be mediocre at best. With Capella, only 2 drops add pizzazz to an 8 oz cup of coffee. Remember to add sweetener (I prefer Splenda). Capella Flavor Drops are perfect for anyone who is watching their waistline. Skip the Starbucks coffee drinks and use these instead !!!

S. Brown (Atlanta, GA)
I found this to be a very good product. Don't let the small size fool you, there's plenty of flavor and no additives! A few drops really flavors coffee and tea and goes a long way. I found it to be very tasty in oatmeal, the Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Pumpkin Pie are especially good! The product arrived within a short week's time. Would I buy again? Most definitely!!!!

Valerie M. Proffit (Schaumburg, IL.)
It was fantastic, it defnitely made a difference in the taste of our cake.
I would like to order another bottle immediately. I have given the information out to several people we had over for a 4th of july celebration so they can order it as well. thanks for making this possible.

Elizabeth S. Crozier (Midland, TX United States)
Due to medical reasons, I can only drink instant decaff coffee. It tastes MUCH better with a few drops of Toasted Almond in it. I hav even put them into cola...very delicious!

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