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Why We Drink Flavored Water With 0 Carbs
Flavored water thrives in the soft drink market where consumers are looking for innovative products at a value.
Capella Flavor Drops Flavoring concentrates are one of those new innovative products that makes perfect flavored water each and every time.
Best of all they have no carbs and no calories.

Here are the top reasons we drink flavored water:
1. As an everyday treat, flavored water is quickly becoming a top consumer choice.
2. Drinking water at required levels is difficult and flavored waters makes drinking plain water easier and more fun.
3. As an alternative to bad tasting waters, we drink flavored waters to get our daily intake.
4. Flavored water is a healthy alternative for health minded consumers.
5. We drink flavored water for general refreshment, instead sugary alternatives.
6. To get a feeling of something substantial, we drink flavored water.
7. Capella Flavor Drops Flavor concentrates lets us make flavored water and has no artificial sweeteners and use natural sweeteners with 0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 fat.
8. To satisfy a craving for sweetness we look for fruit, berry or citrus tastes with no additional calories from natural sugars.
9. When it comes to diets, flavored water from Capella Flavor Drops Flavoring concentrates makes the perfect diet drink.
10. As a low cost alternative to high caloric beverages, sodas, juices and pops.
11. Perfect for diabetics.
12. Flavored water is quickly becoming a smart health choice beverage.

We're drinking calories than ever.
About 450 calories daily are consumed from beverages, juices and pops.
About 29 pounds annually.

Rather than drinking beverages loaded with high sucrose corn syrups that are nothing more than sugary water, choose flavored water with 0 calories and 0 carbs.
If there are no flavored water with no carbs available, look at the nutrient label and pick the one with the least amount of carbs.

Now you have a choice in flavored waters and using Capella Flavor Drops flavoring concentrates is smart.

Capella Flavor Drops Flavored concentrates with 0 carbs is an excellent low cost alternative when it comes to making your own flavored water.
Capella Flavor Drops Flavor concentrates for flavoring water are easy to carry and easy to use. With Capella Flavor Drops flavor concentrates you can blend the flavor strong or subtle.

Next time you need to quench your thirst, reach for Capella Flavor Drops Flavor Concentrates to blend your own. Nothing quenches thirst better than water.
That's why we call water the "perfect thirst quencher"! You can call it the "perfect diet drink" if you use Capella Flavor Drops Flavor concentrates with 0 carbs.
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Stevia and Blue Agave Top Recommendations From Dr. Oz For Weight Loss And Diabetics
Dr Oz from ABC show ran a segment on weight loss recently. The patient he was working with was addicted to sugar and need to eliminate sugar from her diet. The patient was reported to be addicted to sugar using over 5 packets of sugar at a time. Dr. Oz recommended two natural sweetener products for her to use : Blue Agave and Stevia.

Diabetes and obesity statistics around the world are extremely high. The food industry has been spinning off healthier foods as a proactive trend that started over a decade ago. Today, the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are consumers’ preferred terms in healthy food.

Organic Blue Agave- this natural sweetener extracted from the heart of the Blue Agave plant has been consumed for thousands of years. It is sweeter than regular sugar and Agave is a low glycemic Index (GI) sweetener. It is slowly absorbed into the body preventing spikes of blood sugar, so a little goes a long way. Use this delicacy instead of table sugar or for baking.

Stevia based sweeteners offer a combination of positive benefits: natural, high intensity, and zero calories and zero carbs. Stevia-based high purity sweeteners are natural. Stevia is 200-300 times stronger than table sugar and has been a proven product for weight loss and diabetic patients.

Application for this sweetener is growing everyday and this natural sweetener has both favorable physical and functional benefits. Natural stevia-based sweeteners are compatible for use in a wide array of foods, beverages, and dietary supplements. Artificial sweeteners with aspartame and sugar are likely to be the main substitution targets for emerging stevia sweeteners, and beverages will be the initial main application.

In the US the FDA only granted the first no objection letters for Reb-A’s (Rebaudioside –A) use in foods in December 2008 to Cargill. Until then, dried stevia leaves and extracts could only be used in dietary supplements (since 1995). In addition, stevia is expected to be used as a part substitute for sugar and also used in combination with other artificial sweeteners in the emerging phase of lifecycle.
Stevia RA 97 is now recognized as a natural sweetener and not just a dietary supplement. This will bring stevia to main stream quickly.

All of our flavor drops use a hint of stevia to enhance the flavoring and not sweeten it. Try our natural liquid stevia sweetener and see why this product is gaining in popularity.

Dr. Oz knows all about the benefits and attributes of both blue gave and natural stevia.
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Zero Carb Flavor Concentrates - A New Discovery For Dietician And Nutritionists
Dieticians and Nutritionists recently conducted their annual conference and expo in Denver in October. Over 800 of these professionals were sampled with flavor concentrates that contain just a hint of stevia and 0 carbs.
The response was truly overwhelming. Not only did they think they delivered on flavor, better yet they contained no carbs.

The Dieticians and Nutritionists that were surveyed specialized in areas of weight loss and diabetics. This group of practitioners understood the storyline that we're drinking more calories than ever. About 450 calories a day, that's a whopping 29 pounds annually consumers have to work off. Collectively, they saw the value in a 0 carbs, 0 calorie flavor concentrates used to enhance the flavor of water while promoting proper hydration.

Dieticians and Nutritionists are challenged in the treatment of weight loss and diabetics when it comes to beverages. Their patients are not able to drink high caloric beverages so they have very limited options for beverages and soft drinks.
Capella Flavor Drops with 0 carbs are a welcome recommendation for these professionals.

Here's the problem with most soft drink beverages. Juices, sodas and pops are loaded with high fructose corn syrups, which are typically nothing more than sweetened water. Some of these beverages also contain artificial sweeteners that stimulate insulin, so they are not recommended for diabetics either.

Here's a tremendous benefit to using Capella Flavor Drops: they promote proper hydration. When water tastes better, consumers are more likely to drink more water. The better it tastes, the more they drink, it's as simple as that.

For the first time, Dieticians and Nutritionists have a go to product that serves as low cost alternative no carb product to recommend to their patients and consumers alike. Capella Flavor Drops are flavorings of fruits, chocolates, deserts and contain 0 carbs, 0 fats, 0 calories.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that is approved for diabetics. Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar and is heat stable to 390 degrees. A prefect natural sweetener to enhance any flavoring application: hot or cold. Capella Flavors has a Flavlet line of products which contain just a hint of Stevia.

Check with your dietician or nutritionist to learn all about Capella Flavor Drops for flavoring water. Capella Flavor Drops Flavor Concentrates are great to flavor water, teas, dairy products and desserts. Flavoring concentrates are great to flavor almost any beverage or food products.

Capella Flavor Drops flavor concentrates for water are a real value and typically make gallons of flavored water per bottle
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Drinking skim milk can help cure hunger
Food Network Magazine ran a short article titled” Drinking skim milk can help cure hunger. According to a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who drank about two servings of skimmed milk in the AM claimed they felt full throughout the day and consumed about 10% less at lunch time than those who had a fruit juice.

So how do we learn from this and incorporate it into our daily routines. One was is to make skim milk taste better. Capella Flavor Drops Flavoring concentrates work perfectly in milk to enhance the flavoring experiences.

Try some of the more familiar flavors like chocolate, raspberry and strawberry to start off. Then you can get more creative blending your own blended flavors. Try 4 drops of strawberry and two drops of chocolate for a great combination of flavor milk.

Milk is a great alternative to high caloric juices, beverages and sodas. Whatever your beverage choice, always choose low calorie, low carbs or 0 carb, 0 calorie. Take your skim milk to another level by using Capella Flavor Drops Flavor concentrates. That will make the taste experience even better as you feel fuller throughout the day.

Hopefully you will eat 10% less along the way like the report claims.
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Stevia is Sweeter Than Sweet!
Talk about a product in the news. One only has to google the word stevia to find hundreds of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to advancing the popularity of stevia. Our storyline is unique but our research is the essence from dozens of popular online sites, blogs and articles dedicated to advancing stevia as a natural sweetener.

Stevia is most recently rumored to be poised to save the beverage industries sagging sales as reported in Beverage News, 2009. Stevia natural sweetener enhances flavorings and that is expected to be the tipping point to mainstream, and serving as a catalyst to a flavoring revolution for flavored water and all other bottled beverages and food products.

So what’s behind this tipping point anyway? There are basically two components.

1. GRAS Stevia (RA97 Extract) allows you to call stevia a natural liquid sweetener. Before the GRAS approval by the FDA stevia was only able to be used as a dietary supplement, and that’s a big deal.

2. Consumers are finally learning that we’re drinking more calories than ever from beverages, juices and sodas that are either flavored artificially, or are sweetened using high fructose corn syrup, especially for children's drinks that amount to only sweetened water. Combine these two significant components and developments and you have a product, whose time has come.

Stevia is an herb from South American that is naturally 200-300 times sweeter than sugar and has no calories. That’s where our unique storyline gets its headline: sweeter than sweet. Stevia tastes naturally sweet and stevia is considered a highly beneficial product that can be used in all beverages and foods and it is virtually free of calories, so people watching their weight are in love with stevia. Stevia is great for children, since it been reported to prevent cavities. Diabetics are equally excited about a natural sweetener alternative.

When it comes to your health, for many people stevia is a great health choice. Here's an image of our stevia liquid sweetener. It’s been reported to both help reduce obesity as well as to lower blood sugar levels. There are no known reports of any government agency in any countries indicating any public health concern whatsoever in connection with the use of stevia in foods or beverages. Stevia has many favorable and exciting health benefits and it is completely non-toxic. Stevia, also known as Stevia Rebaudiana or Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, is one of the most health restoring herbs on the earth.

Here’s a short perspective on sweeteners. Are you one of those people who count calories and prefer to stay away from artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or Equal? Stevia is the safe, all natural alternative to sugar and chemical sweeteners, such as NutraSweet. The sweetness of Stevia is much different compared to the sweetness of other natural sweeteners, sugar, or artificial sweeteners, but tastes great.
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Are there any effects from Stevia?
The key isolate of Stevia, stevioside, is considered safe and without side effects. There are no known side effects associated with the use of this natural sweetener reported as of this writing.

Diabetics love stevia. Stevia is an ideal choice for diabetics and is becoming increasingly recommended for those suffering from diabetes. Aspartame makes diabetes worse along with sugar, while stevia is used to treat it in Germany, and Japan. Individuals suffering from diabetes, hyperglycemia, or obesity, or other serious ailment should consult with a qualified medical doctor prior to using stevia. The sweet leaf as it is often referred to be used for diabetes, obesity, cavities, hypertension, fatigue, depression, sweet cravings, and infections.

Stevia is also considered healthy for other reasons, but most importantly for diabetics: stevia stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose, particularly in type 2 diabetes, and is also used a therapeutic remedy for hyperglycemia. Stevia is heat stable to 392 degrees Fahrenheit so is great for baking and cooking. Stevia is a helpful aid in weight loss due to the fact that it contains no sugar, no calories and has been shown to reduce craving for sweets and fatty foods. Stevia is being touted as a safe and natural sweetener that is an alternative to artificial sweeteners.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see an advertisement or two for stevia sweeteners. As a product like stevia becomes more familiar and popularized by advertising campaigns, shortly it will become a main stream product and staple for everyday use and are available in most grocery stores as well as online stores. The natural sweetener has been available in powder form and is now available as a liquid sweetener, easier to carry and use. Learn more about stevia liquid sweeetners and natural
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