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Water is supposed to be the elixir of life. We need to drink water to live. About sixty percent of our body is made up of water. We require water to stay hydrated. Yet, there are many people, who find drinking water boding, dull and uninteresting. So, to spice up the water many companies have introduced many varieties of flavored bottled water. This has become very popular with children and adults.

Earlier people would restrict themselves to drinking plain water, coffee, tea or juices. Flavored water is different from a juice as there is just a taste of the flavor added to it. With the wide variety available now, people choose according to their individual tastes. People are now conscious of their health and want to reduce the intake of sugar.

The main advantage of consuming flavored bottled water is that you do not get empty calories and carbohydrates and have no sugar or very little sugar. It is also very tasty and healthy.

The main varieties of non-carbonated flavored bottled water that you can get are - water flavored with any fresh fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapes etc. You can also get carbonated water with a flavor added to it. The fruits added to it give it a fresh taste. You can get bottled flavored water that has many flavors including cherry and pomegranate. Some popular brands have flavored bottled water with vitamins added to it. Each flavor has a different vitamin added to it which is supposed to give you energy and also boost the immune system.

Some flavored bottled waters that you get, taste exactly like the water from a day spa without artificial sweeteners. They have the natural flavors of cucumber, lemons and oranges. Other flavors are raspberry and strawberry. Some even have hibiscus, vanilla, mango and grapefruit. Mint is another option for flavoring the water. You get different flavors like cherry mint and chocolate mint.

Peppermint candy is sometimes added to water to give a peppermint taste. This will be greatly liked by children. Cucumber slices can be added to the water to make it tastier. Coconut extracts will give a coconut flavor to the water. You can also add a little bit of coffee or chocolate to give the taste and make it interesting for the children.

Flavored bottled water is available in so many varieties that it is difficult to choose from it. Each company brings out a different type of flavor which the people like to try out. Some of the fruit flavors and herbs are liked by all. As drinking plain water has become uninteresting, many companies have come out different flavors. You can even make ice cubes from different flavored water and add it to plain water to get the flavor.

Choose the flavored bottled water that you think is the best for yourself and your family. It should be low in calories, have no sugar added to it and should have not artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives added to it. The natural fruits and herbs added should make it taste fresh and delicious. This is not like the juice of a fruit which will be much more concentrated. Flavored bottled water will just have the taste of the flavor. Hence, it will be refreshing and will be a good thirst quencher. So, enjoy drinking the different varieties of flavored bottled water and be healthy.


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