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We need to drink a lot of water to keep ourselves hydrated. There are many times when we do not feel like drinking water. Water is tasteless. We need to quench our thirst with water yet, we sometimes do not want to drink or are not inclined to drink water. This is when people drink different kinds of liquids. Some of them are the varieties of colas, diet drinks and other thirst quenchers. These are not good for our health as they contain empty calories. Flavored water is tastier than ordinary water and is not harmful to our health. Unless we are extremely thirsty, drinking water is not very easy. So we need motivation even to drink flavored water.

Flavored water is tastier than ordinary drinking water. It contains natural flavors, herbs and minerals which make the water tasty. They have lesser calories than non-diet commercial soft drinks. We get many varieties of flavored water in the market. Most of them are extremely delicious. There are many companies that are manufacturing flavored bottled drinks. There are companies like ‘Ayala’s Herbal Water’ which has water organically flavored with natural herbs having zero calories. The Coco Cola Company produces the popular Glaceau brand of beverages.

Our taste buds need to like what they have. Ordinary water sometimes seems boring and uninteresting. There is great need for motivation to drink water. Flavored water is the best solution at such times when compared to commercial colas and other soft drinks with empty calories. Flavored water might contain sugar or might not contain sugar. There will be a hint of some delicious flavor.

Some of the commercial flavored water companies are:

- Hint flavored water which is a refreshing drink with a hint of a flavor. There is not sugar added or artificial sweeteners. There is also Hint kids - a kid’s drink.

-Metromint produces tasty water called ‘Mintwater’.

- Waters is by the beverage company “O Beverages” and makes flavored water.

-Aquafina FlavorSplash is filtered water with a natural fruit flavor and sucralose. It has zero calories, no sugar and no carbohydrates.

-Clearly Canadian Sparkling is flavored water like by the younger generation.

-Dasani Flavored Water has two varieties - Dasani Lemon and Dasani Raspberry which are sweetened with Splenda and have no calories and carbohydrates.

To this water you can add:

- fresh lime juice.
- fresh grape juice.
- a little bit of peppermint candy to get a cool, refreshing peppermint taste.
- flavored coffee syrup and get the coffee taste.
- mint leaf.
- cucumber slices.
- coconut extracts for coconut flavor
- chocolate flavor.

If you add ice cubes to this, it will definitely make a cool, delicious and tasty drink. It definitely needs motivation to drink water. Colas and other diet drinks are much more attractive and interesting. The flavored drinks are a healthier option as they do not contain any empty calories and carbohydrates and are also tasty. When such a healthy alternative is available in many varieties, flavored water should be used. You also have the option making it at home. Drink water - plain or flavored.



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