Flavor Drops - Frequenty Asked Questions

What are Flavor Drops?
We have a Flavor Drops Facts page for this question. Click on "What are Flavor Drops?" In the Links section on the left column of the web site.
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Where can I buy flavor drops ?
Currently our products are sold only through our website.

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Are there really no sweeteners?
When we say no sweeteners, we mean none! Flavor Drops contains:

NO Sugar
NO Sweet-N-Low
NO Splenda
NO Saccharine
NO Aspartame
We leave the sweetening up to you. Just simply prepare your beverage as you like, if you enjoy sugar or any sweetener, go ahead and add it. Then add your Flavor Drops.
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Does Flavor Drops contain any Gluten ?
All our Flavor Drops are Gluten-Free!
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What is the difference between Flavor Drops and a Flavored Syrup?
Well, for one, we are 450 times more concentrated, contain absolutely zero sweeteners, and no preservatives. Many syrups offer a "sugar free" line. These just contain no sugar, but are replaced with a sweetening substitute like aspartame and or nutrasweet, some even use splenda. With Flavor Drops, you now have the "option" to sweeten. If sweetening is what you want, add the one you want! We deliver the Flavor you provide the sweetener.
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My child is allergic to peanuts, is your Peanut Butter flavor safe?
We get this question often, which is the reason we put (Allergen Free) next to the flavor. The answer is YES! All our Peanut Butter flavors contain NO Peanut proteins or derivatives.
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Do Flavor Drops contain any caffeine?
No, no caffeine at all.
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What is the shelf life of Capella Flavor Drops ?
Our unsweetened flavor drops have a shelf life of approx 9-12 months.
Our sweetened products, like water flavors for example which contain a hint of Stevia would be less, more like 6-8 months.
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Do any of your flavorings contain Diacetyl ?
We do not use Diacetyl in ANY of our flavorings.
Even though Diacetyl is on the FDA approved GRAS list for flavoring manufacturers, there are other compounds available to mimic a buttery/creamy taste.
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How do I know how many drops to add?
This answer is different from person to person. It really depends what you like. A good starting point is 3-5 drops per 8oz serving. Keep in mind, if you have a 12 or 16 oz beverage, you will most likely require 6-10 drops. These are DROPS, not teaspoon, tablespoon or ounces. Flavor Drops are extremely concentrated so a little goes a long way!
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Do Flavor Drops contain Alcohol ?
Some of our flavors will contain alcohol, for example the Orange Creamsicle. The reason behind this is the Orange Oils need the alcohol in order to go into solution ( make water soluable ).
Any alcohol used is used ONLY as a "carrier" for this purpose.
Since our flavors are so concentrated (only adding 6-10 Drops per application ) its not even traceable.
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How can I use Capella Flavors to Flavor Whole Coffee Beans ?
How can I use Capella Flavors to Flavor Whole Coffee Beans ?

How to Flavor Whole Coffee Beans

Flavoring Methods:

Flavoring whole bean coffee is an inexact science. Each roaster uses a method that
suits his unique situation. At Capella Flavors Inc, we believe that the best flavor
absorption takes place on cool beans where the gasses have had a chance to dissipate.
The flavor can be applied by spraying the flavor on the beans, or by tumbling the beans
and the flavor in a kettle or metal drum. Make sure the beans are totally covered with
the flavor. Flavor absorption takes place within 15 minutes. Ideally, flavored beans
should sit for 24 to 48 hours. Roasters are encouraged to experiment with different
roast, bean and flavor combinations.

Flavor/Coffee Ratios:

The recommended use level is:
Level Usage
2.0% 1.6 oz Per 5 lbs. roasted beans
2.5% 2.0 oz Per 5 lbs. roasted beans
3.0% 2.4 oz Per 5 lbs. roasted beans

Storing Flavors:

Store flavors in a cool, dry place. Shelf life of flavors is approximately 9 months in a
closed container.

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Can I simulate the level of flavor on pre-flavored coffee beans using Capella Flavor Drops ?
Can I simulate the level of flavor on pre-flavored coffee beans using Capella Flavor Drops ?
We know that evaluating flavors can be a time consuming drag, here is an easy way :


1. Pour out 6 ounces fresh brewed coffee into your favorite mug. (DO NOT use Styrofoam when testing, it absorbs the flavoring. )

2. Using a pipette (dropper) or Capella Flavor Drops in the Dropper bottle, add 5 drops of flavor directly into the 6 ounces of coffee.

3. Add cream and sugar if desired, stir and taste.

4. If evaluating against competitors flavor, duplicate these steps for both flavors.


1. 3% use level on whole bean = 0.1% flavor in the brewed coffee.

2. Each drop is approximately 0.02%, thus 5 drops = 0.1%

3. The “5 Drop Taste Test Method” simulates a 3% usage level on whole or ground coffee.

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