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Decaf flavored coffee - Extremely delicious

To those who may not be aware, caffeine content in coffee acts as s stimulant and it increases our alertness and keeps us awake when consumed in substantial quantities. For those who wish to enjoy good coffee but want to avoid consuming caffeine, decaf of decaffeinated coffee is the obvious choice. Bear in mind that decaf coffee is by no means less flavorful or inferior in quality to the normal coffee. With certain flavor additives, decaf flavored coffee can be extremely delicious


Make decaf coffee as a healthy

It is possible to extract caffeine from the bean without affecting its flavor, aroma and taste. But using chemical solvents for this purpose can create health problems over a period of time for coffee drinkers. Instead it is safer to remove the compound is by immersing the coffee beans in hot water.

But different companies adopt different methods and it is necessary for you to find out the method used to ensure that you are getting correctly processed coffee beans. Proper infusion of flavors and appropriate methods of removal of caffeine will make decaf coffee as a healthy and refreshing beverage to drink.


Steps used to remove caffeine from coffee

There are four major process methods used to remove caffeine from coffee -

  • Conventional decaffeination.
  • Natural decaffeination using chemical Ethyl Acetate.
  • Water decaffeination.
  • Carbon Dioxide decaffeination.

Each of these methods removes the caffeine from coffee but there are significant differences in the taste of the decaffeinated coffee.



Conventional decaffeination

Conventional decaffeination uses the chemical Methylene Chloride - Although Methylene Chloride levels in the coffee bean are reduced to residual levels that are legally safe, many health-conscious consumers still consider these residues unacceptable. Many connoisseurs of coffee complain that the flavor of coffee decaffeinated by Methylene Chloride method is somewhat insipid.


Natural decaffeination using chemical Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate decaffeinated coffee is generally referred to as Naturally Decaffeinated coffee because Ethyl Acetate occurs naturally in orange rinds and other fruits. Ethyl Acetate used in decaffeination is a man-made chemical. The decaffeination process is essentially the same as in conventional Methylene Chloride decaffeination, except Ethyl Acetate replaces Methylene Chloride as the solvent. The practice to label the beans naturally decaffeinated makes it a powerful marketing tool.


Water decaffeination

The advantage of the water decaffeination over conventional methods is that no chemicals are used. Most people seem to agree that the water process produces a slightly more flavorful cup of coffee - though water process coffee is more expensive. Water decaffeination is specially favored by those who are sensitive to health and environmental issues.


Carbon Dioxide decaffeination

CO2 decaffeination produces the most flavorful decaffeinated coffee. There are no harmful chemicals or by-products of the process. But the fact is the setting up of a CO2 decaffeination plant is quite high and as such this process is primarily used to decaffeinate large volumes of commercial grade coffee. In view of the growing market for a safe and flavorful decaffeinated product, CO2 decaffeinated specialty grade coffees are popular and widely available.

In order to retain maximum flavor during the decaffeination process, it is necessary to use green coffee beans. This may mean paying more for the coffee, but the extra cost is worth it. It is a fact that there are many shelf brands of decaffeinated coffee available but genuine coffee lovers will find more satisfaction in the beans that have been carefully processed exclusively for decaf lovers.


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