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How to improve the taste of bottled water the healthy way

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The taste of your bottled water is subject to variations depending on the area wherefrom the water is procured for bottling, the water treatment methods used by the bottlers and  the time lag between actual bottling and consumption. This is because bottled water that has been opened and left unrefrigerated  for some weeks before reaching the consumer. Most water treatment systems are not able to remove all undesirable contaminants, chemicals and bacteria which are the main cause for the lack of taste in bottled water.


People who have tried drinking clean and pure water directly from a natural source - from the mountain, or well preserved stream will tell you how pleasant the pure water can taste. This is simply due to the fact that natural water is free of chlorine, contaminants and other chemicals substances. Besides, the presence of natural trace of minerals inside the water is untouched and therefore adds to the taste.

When travelling abroad, you must know that water presented in a bottle may actually be untreated tap water from the local supply. In this situation make sure you see a bottle of water opened in front of you and check for the words 'natural mineral water' on the label. Some argue mineral water is preferable because it hasn't been cleaned up with chlorine. But it is a lot more expensive because the health benefits of mineral water compared with ordinary bottled water is immense.

From the water bottler’s viewpoint, water has to be safe and disease free and so it is not surprising that much of bottled water is not particularly tasty to drink as it tastes and smells strongly of Chlorine. So what choice has the consumer got if he wants good tasting, healthy and clear drinking water?

Drinking tap water after filtering is a good option as it is cheap and can improve the taste, provided you make sure to replace filters regularly or bacteria and contaminants can build up and flow into the water. You can make your tap water to taste better if you use a home water purifier. A simple Carbon Block home filter system is both cheap and easy to fit and will give many years of service, all that is needed is a quick and simple cartridge change at six monthly intervals.

Of course, some people just like a little more flavor, even when they have an effective purifier. It is suggested that you add some fresh fruit slices to filtered water and then store it in a tightly covered bottles over night. It is better to personally bottle filtered water in the fridge and carry with you to work and when traveling.

Many people feel bottled water as a way to obtain clean and healthy drinking water. It has even become kind of popular to walk around with a bottle of water in hand, just like most celebrities do. Unfortunately, a popular study showed that 25% of bottled water is marginally cleaner than tap water. And even worse, the bottled water industry is not strictly unregulated, which could leave the consumer at risk. Lately there has been the revelation that plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals into its contents, especially when exposed to heat. Bear in mind though, that the risks of drinking from plastic water bottles goes beyond exposing yourself to all contaminants found in plastic.



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